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Motivation will push you on the days you don’t want to

Motivation will push you on the days
you don’t want to



One of the key benefits of cold water therapy is that it can reduce muscle soreness by up to 48%. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as it can help to improve recovery time and reduce the risk of injury.

Cold water immersion has also been shown to decrease inflammation by up to 73%, which can help to reduce pain and improve overall healing.

  • Improved high performance

  • Help the body recover faster
  • Reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness
  • Improve physical and mental well being

  • Improve mental clarity
  • Reduce stress and anxiety


  • Experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can provide expert advice and guidance on cold water therapy
  • Wide range of recovery therapy products, to meet the needs of different types of customers

  • Products are designed with safety and comfort in mind, and are built to the highest standards of quality
  • Provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that customers and gym staff are able to safely and effectively use their products
  • Offer flexible financing options to make their products accessible to a wide range of customers
  • Proven track record of success in helping customers and gyms achieve their goals with cold water therapy
  • Strong reputation for customer service and are dedicated to ensuring that their customers are completely satisfied with their products and service
  • Constantly researching new techniques and technologies to improve their products and stay at the forefront of the industry

  • Wide network of satisfied customers and partnerships with top gyms and sports teams to back their services
  • Provide warranties and long-term service agreements to ensure the longevity and maintenance of their products


Hear the stories that inspired all of our founders to create Well Iced Therapy. Each founder is motivated by their past experiences and are passionaite about the role they play in the health and well being of others.

Simon Smith


Hi, I’m Simon, co-owner who became involved with Well Iced Therapy after learning about the incredible impact of cold water therapy on mental health and resilience.

For over 12 years, I’ve struggled with my own mental health, having faced a life threatening crisis and gone through various counseling sessions to find help. Despite the daily battles with my demons, ice baths provide a reset for my mind, allowing me to cope much better with life’s challenges.

Determined to make a difference, I pushed for Well Iced Therapy to become a CIC (Community Interest Company) and worked tirelessly to achieve this. Well Iced isn’t just a job, it’s a platform to promote mental health awareness and support our community.

With my firsthand experience, I’m committed to sharing the life-changing benefits of cold water therapy and helping others on their journey to improved mental well-being.

Curtis Cummins


Hi, I’m Curtis, co-owner who discovered the transformative power of cold water therapy during my recovery from a brain tumor bleed. Struggling with constant pain and mental challenges, I found relief and a sense of calm through cold water therapy. Starting with ice baths at home, I ventured into outdoor lakes and rivers, experiencing significant improvements in controlling my emotions and increasing my overall happiness.

Inspired by my own journey, I co-founded Well Iced Therapy with the mission to help others experience the physical and mental benefits of ice baths. As a fitness enthusiast with advanced PT and nutrition NVQ qualifications, I understand the importance of recovery and training.

My passions include playing football, training in the gym, and traveling the world. I’m committed to sharing the incredible impact of cold water therapy and helping others lead healthier, happier lives.

Wez Watts


Hi, I’m Wez, co-owner whose journey began in the army at 16, where I first encountered cold water therapy.

After serving in armored tanks and ceremonial duties for six years, I transitioned to driving lorries and later joined CSP UK in 2007. I quickly advanced to sales manager and eventually became a director, raising over £4 million for kids’ football and partnering with 25,000 businesses.

In 2020, my weight loss journey and passion for cold water therapy inspired me to co-found Well Iced Therapy. Combining my love for football, gym, training, motorbikes, country music, and horses, I transformed my life and discovered the therapeutic effects of cold water on my mental health and PTSD.

My 6 stone weight loss is testaments to the benefits of cold water therapy. At 39 years old, I’m dedicated to sharing my life-changing experience and helping others improve their well-being.


Well Iced Therapy is proud to sponsor a number of brilliant athletes who have achieved success with the help of our cold water therapy products.

Terry Spencer Boxing
Terry Spencer Boxing Gym
Leon Willings
Leon WillingsAthlete - Boxing
John Edwardson
John EdwardsonAthlete - Boxing
Ricky Gorman
Ricky GormanAthlete - Boxing
Luke Riley
Luke RileyAthlete - Mixed Martial Arts
Ethan Brown
Ethan BrownAthlete - Boxing
Josh Beeden
Josh BeedenAthlete - Boxing
Widnes Rugby Union
Widnes Rugby UnionTeam - Rugby
Pex Hill Under 6's
Pex Hill Under 6'sTeam - Football
Halton Hornets
Halton HornetsTeam - Rugby
Avon Villa FC
Avon Villa FCTeam - Football
West Bank Bears U12's
West Bank Bears U12'sTeam - Rugby


Well Iced Therapy is based in Widnes, but our ice baths can be set up anywhere, from gyms to homes, to provide the benefits of cold water therapy to our customers wherever they may be.

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